Welcome To My Website!

I learned how to code this with help from Awesome! INC. I don't know how to add images and fun stuff like that, but I will make this as exciting as possble without them!

My Favorite animal is a Duck-Billed Platypus.

Here is a list of some cool websites for free online games:

CoolMath Games

Pauly's Playhouse

National Geographic Kids

I've changed my text editor, so I might be able to upload pictures.

I just took down the contest link. voting's over. to anyone who helped and voted, thanks! I am currently in the frustrating process of trying to fix a syntax error. the app I am using to code this, coda, isn't recognizing a tag I have in my code. I'm also trying to write a novel through the NANOWRIMO Young writers program for my 6th grade literary arts class. That is only slightly less frustrating than a syntax error.

I mostly created this website to provide helpful links to me and my immediate family, so at this point I doubt it's very interesting. like I said, I'm still trying to get pics and stuff. once I can, though, watch out! my hobby is photography, and I just got back from the newport aquarium. I got some awesome pictures. Darn! just tried to change the color of this paragraph. no luck. either I need to brush up on my javascript, or we have another syntax error.